Aimed at helping people use command line tools in a GUI way.

This project is aimed at helping people launch a command in a graphical way. Command line tools are powerful, but some people, especially those who are not powerful users, tend to be unwilling to use command line tools. CmdLauncher provides a simple way for developers to make their console programs launch by selecting one from the list, or choosing a file, or something else which could be done easily by people who are not experts. What the command line program developers need to do is to write a simple yaml format file containing information of their command line programs, which will be read by CmdLauncher.





Download and Install

You can download the latest source code tarball via this link, or by using git:

git clone
See the README in the source tree for installation details.




Hong Xu (hong at topbug dot net)

Questions, Bug Report and Feature Request

If you have any questions, feel free to post to the mailing list (no subscription required). If you find any bug or you have some good suggestions, please submit it on the bug tracker.

For Developers

The source code is hosted with git on Savannah. There is also a git repo mirror on GitHub. Patches and pull requests can be submitted to Savannah or GitHub or the mailing list.